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Computer Associates' threat management and integrated suite solutions help you improve business efficiencies, ensure continuous business operations, comply with security policies and regulations, and reduce overall risk. Their product line includes:

CA Threat Manager
We combined our CA Anti-Spyware product with our CA Anti-Virus product to help you guard your business against an entire range of cyber threats, and attacks, including viruses, worms and more ó via one easy to use management console.

CA Anti-Spyware
Spyware is quickly becoming a serious threat to both individual and business computer users. CA Anti-Spyware protects your confidential data and complements security solutions like antivirus and firewall.

CA Anti-Virus
CA Anti-Virus takes the work out of managing your virus challenges by eliminating virus infections, easing administration, simplifying and automating updates and more.

CA Anti-Spam for Business
Regain control of your inbox. This simple to use anti-spam solution ensures you only receive messages from contacts you know, while protecting you from contacts you donít.

CA Desktop Protection Suite
Best suited for you if you store business data on desktops, plan to add or improve data security or backup of desktops or laptops, and want a simple and efficient way to migrate or refresh PCs.

MicroSolutions is a reseller for the entire line offered by Computer Associates. Please contact us for a quote.

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