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MicroSolutions has over 20 years of experience in Indianapolis computer repair. We would love to show you how our creative solutions can make a difference!

We use the latest Intel® technology when building MicroWorks™ (MCS) workstations, laptops and servers. Our relationship with Intel® reduces down time as they overnight components to us allowing your employees to get back to work faster, resulting in more productivity and happier employees. We certainly understand how difficult it is to be without a computer these days, even for a day.

As Microsoft Consultants, we use Microsoft's Suite of products to completely re-vitalize your office automation. The increase in office efficiency can completely pay for your server upgrade in one year, not to mention the decrease in everyday headaches.

All of our networks are secure from viruses, hackers and malware threats. Leaving you with more time to work on what really matters to your business.

Office 2007 Benefits

Microsoft Office is no longer just a desktop application for creating documents and spreadsheets. Office 2007 system can help you meet the challenges of today's business environment.

MicroSolutions also designs creative web sites for all types of businesses